Forest Lodge - Maximising potential for learning and life
At Forest Lodge we offer an holistic approach.

We are able to offer the following therapeutic interventions:

Neuro-developmental Therapy (HANDLE)
Primitive Reflex Integration Therapy
Massage (chair based and specific to children/teenagers with autism and sensory issues)
Reiki Therapy
Expressive Arts
Expressive Music

Coming soon!

Bal-A-Vis X classes for ADHD
Yoga & Mindfulness classes for ASD and ADHD

We also incorporate fine motor skills, gross motor skills and sensory integration into our therapeutic and physical activity sessions.

We use a range of sensory products including: fidget tools, sensory lights, weighted blanket, a sensory sock, sensory trail, swiss balls and sensory balls, beanbags and hoops.

Social skills are nurtured through co-operative activities such as sports, pool and a variety of board games, music, art and drama sessions.

We also encourage students to participate in our Philosophy Classes in order to encourage good communication skills and tolerance towards other people.

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