Forest Lodge - Maximising potential for learning and life
Our Mission/Vision Statement:

* To provide a safe, caring, nurturing environment for students with a range of complex conditions relating to ASD, ADHD and anxiety.

* To help students feel a sense of self worth and to inspire them to achieve to their full potential academically. 
We do this by offering them opportunities to engage with learning and adapting our teaching methods to their learning styles.

*To empower students with aspirations, so that they can follow positive pathways for future success at college, on work experience or on apprenticeships.

*To encourage students to receive therapeutic interventions that may contribute to improvement in the management of anger, emotions and behaviour.

*To promote tolerance, respect and acceptance of difference in all its manifests.

*For all students to feel part of the community of Forest Lodge and help contribute through their attitude and behaviour to its positive ethos and vision.

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