Forest Lodge - Maximising potential for learning and life

"I offer you a warm welcome to our website. After a career spanning 26 years in Education as a teacher in both mainstream and Special Education, I founded Forest Lodge out of a belief that the emotional well-being and happiness of young people is crucial to enabling them to access meaningful academic learning. 

Stress and anxiety are reportedly at their highest level ever amongst school age children and this increases once a child is dealing with complex conditions related to autism spectrum conditions or ADD or ADHD. This is so alarming.

Forest Lodge Edu-Therapy Centre combines part time Education with Therapy, enabling youngsters to achieve their maximum potential for learning in an environment designed to be therapeutic and nurturing. 

We are a home-from-home. Therapy is at the heart of everything that we do at Forest Lodge. It is the aim of my team, to offer an exemplary, bespoke service to schools and parents, so that together we can help complex young people become functional members of society, who are able to make a valuable contribution to the community and to live full and enriched lives. We celebrate difference and the uniqueness it provides - as these qualities, if channelled and nurtured in the right way,  allow exceptional individuals with exceptional qualities to thrive and be able to offer valuable contributions to life, work and the community.

We are all learners and this journey never stops. I am currently studying for a Masters Degree in Autism and other related conditions, so that I can take my knowledge, experience and insight to the highest level possible. Please get in touch if you require any information as we are only a phone call away and will be only too happy to help!" 

With very best wishes,  Karen Hale, Founder and Manager


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