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Part time Education programmes

Students  at Forest Lodge are given a personalised curriculum, depending on their ability and level of need.  We are able to offer tutoring in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science (choice of Biology or Physics). This enables a student to work towards formal qualifications such as Functional Skills or GCSE's. Our tutoring centre is affiliated with Tutors & Exams in Coventry, who are our examination centre.

As students only attend with us for part time sessions, we aim to include at least 2 tutoring sessions on the days on which they attend. 

Each student is unique and is treated as an individual. Smiles and happiness are important to us so we do offer a high level of flexibility. We know that a happy student, who feels secure and free from anxiety will be a willing participant in learning. Our students reach this stage at different times, so we never operate a "one size fits all" approach. 

We have high expectations of all of our students and so offer them academic study up to GCSE level. We have interactive whiteboards and projectors in two learning suites. Our lessons are dyslexia friendly with lots of pictures to help store important information. 

Our Key Stage 4 students can study GCSE options from the following subjects:

Biology or Physics
Physical Education 

This enables a student to study a maximum of 4 GCSE's with us. Most colleges ask for 4 GCSE's in order to be placed on Level 3 programmes and so we aim to meet the requirements for college transition. 

Students across all ages also experience outdoor education at a variety of venues plus a therapy package aimed at meeting their needs across Health and Care.

Our tutoring suites are uncluttered and learner friendly with minimal visual distractions. We have an individual suite and a group suite. All rooms have swivel chairs, portable partitions and fidget tools. Work books are dyslexia friendly and colours are designated after a vision screening to determine which (if any) colour helps reduce visual stress.


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