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                    About Forest Lodge Edu-Therapy Centre

At Forest Lodge, we understand that not every young person is able to successfully access a mainstream school full time.  Some need access to a different environment and that is where our therapeutic centre steps in to help. We provide a support service to our local schools, so that students unable to cope with the hustle and bustle of mainstream school full time, can access sessions at our centre. We are able to offer a mix of therapy and education under one roof - hence we have coined a new term: Edu-Therapy Centre.

We are able to offer part time Education. Our single sessions are for 3 hours daily and normally consist of two tutoring sessions and one therapeutic intervention. This is personalised depending on the level of need identified by health care professionals working with the young person. Some students are unable to access formal learning and so begin with full nurture packages aimed at developing social skills, improving attention and calming angry or volatile behaviours. 

Many students are able to work at their registered schools for mornings and then join us for afternoon sessions to foster communication skills, build friendship and engage in our therapeutic group sessions. We are registered with OFSTED on the voluntary childcare register and had a doorstep, spot inspection in June last year. We were deemed fully compliant with all required standards. 

Since opening over two years ago, we have always stuck firmly to our core beliefs and principles. If a student wants to achieve and positively engages with us, then we will work tirelessly to help them maximise their potential. However, we have always had an understanding with all of our students that they should never be forced through our door against their wishes as it counterproductive on every level. Our attendance records are outstanding with many students achieving close to full attendance.

Many of our clients have anxiety issues related to autism, Asperger's syndrome or ADHD. We are able to adapt our environment to meet specific sensory needs and our tutoring suites are equipped with a variety of learning stations: beanbags, swivels chairs with writing tables or individual desks to give security and privacy.

We can and do accept students with a range of needs but we are unable to support children with constant ongoing violent or aggressive behaviours as we are a therapeutic environment and so must maintain a calm ethos for the emotional well-being of others. Each of our clients is accepted on merit, so we offer a taster session to determine whether we feel our environment would be suitable.

We know that movement is crucial in order to keep the brain alert and stimulated, so we have an outdoor sports area with basketball hoops, punching pad, kickboxing pad and football skills training equipment.

There is always a break after any tutoring session, to enable our students to move and stretch. Our part of our Health and Care Package, all students attend movement classes and gross motor sessions with us and we use the facilities of our local sports centres in Measham, as well as outdoor circuits at Conkers, indoor and outdoor play at Conkers and sessions at Rebound Trampoline park in Ashby.

All students, including our GCSE PE students, have use of a 3G pitch to practise skills needed to complete the practical aspect of their course.

PE encourages team work, social skills, stamina and endurance, co-operative behaviour and an acceptance of others.

As part of our social skills programmes, we encourage students to try new ventures: falconry, DIY, trampolining, constructing and designing, musical theatre, drama and art.





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